Health: Everyday Well is healthy design for life and home


Health: Everyday Well Healthy Design Life Home

Barbara Ficarra, RN, BSN, MPA | Lifestyle & Health Designer™ |


Health: Everyday well is healthy design for you and your home.


What is everyday well?


Living everyday well means designing a life you love with style, passion and purpose. It’s chic and healthy lifestyle design. It means living blissfully bold. It’s about finding the beauty in the everyday. It means creating a happy and healthy home and life that you love. It’s about relishing your surroundings and feeling content and cozy in your own home. It means creating harmony and balance with love and laughter by connecting with friends and family and cherishing the moments. Everyday well is about making and sharing good food and combining healthy design elements into your home and life. Living everyday well means sharing stories, creating memories, and designing your life to reflect who you really want to be. It’s about your life and home well lived—happy and healthy. Health essentially gets a makeover. Health is driven by design: Everyday Well is healthy design for your life and home.


Lifestyle and HEALTH DESIGNER™


As your lifestyle and HEALTH DESIGNER™ I help guide, inspire and empower you on your journey to live everyday well, and help you design a happier, bolder, stylish, and healthier life and home because you deserve a life well lived. 

Everyday well isn’t about being perfect. No one is. You don’t need to be perfect and your home doesn’t need to be perfect either. Just well lived. You don’t have to change everything. It’s not about magic potions and detox, it’s about implementing small and simple tweaks. You don’t need to be a complete overhaul; simple healthy design elements can have a big impact. First, discover what brings you joy and I’ll be sharing more on this. 


Health: Everyday Well is Healthy Design for Life and Home


Healthy Design Process


I’m excited to share my work with you in future posts. I’m working with a new client to help her design a healthy life and home and we’re focusing first on the kitchen. I’ll be sharing the healthy design process with you. I can’t wait to share it with you.


Stay tuned.


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And, remember, most of all, always stop and smell the flowers.


Health: Everyday Well is Healthy Design for Life and Home

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