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Barbara frequently contributes to major online and print publications. Barbara appears on major TV networks and radio and contributes the latest trends in lifestyle, health, technology and social media.

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Barbara Ficarra, RN, BSN, MPA – a Recognized Leader in the Health Care Industry and a Trusted Voice in Health, has Launched her New Website

Barbara’s new website,, is a lifestyle destination site to help you live a happier, bolder, healthier and a more stylish life. Barbara explores the intersection between interior design, health, tech and art.

“As your HEALTH DESIGNER™ I help you design a spectacular healthy life you love by using the same principles of interior design, says founder Barbara Ficarra

Barbara Fircarra’s focus is on health and wellness, and she delivers her trademark brand of advice, which is practical, simple, useful and trustworthy, to help empower people to take charge of their health and improve their lives. Barbara also addresses the professional audience. She writes and speaks internationally on healthcare issues, focusing on social media, patient engagement and empowerment, professional development, the doctor/nurse team and digital technology. This includes mobile health (mhealth), gamification, health apps, telemedicine and telehealth, leveraging her experience as former senior director of clinical affairs for Numera. Barbara is also an administrative nursing supervisor for the department of patient care and experience at a large university trauma medical center.

Barbara is known as a HEALTH DESIGNER™ – she designs ways for people to live a healthier life and empowers people to design their own healthy lifestyle. is a place to find inspiration and guidance to DESIGN YOUR HEALTHY LIFE™. Barbara has been featured on NBC, CBS, FiOS, ABC, WMCN, FOX, Working Mom Magazine Radio, Greater Media Radio, Health, Wealth & Wisdom Radio, and Cayman Islands Radio News.

“As your HEALTH DESIGNER™ I help you design a spectacular healthy life you love by using the same principles of interior design. My passion is to bring you inspiration and to empower you to design a healthy life you adore. As a registered nurse and an interior design enthusiast, I combined two loves, health and interior design. Just as an interior designer helps you create the perfect physical space to inhabit, one designed for maximum enjoyment and comfort, I help you create a chic and happy lifestyle to inhabit, one designed for ultimate health and well-being.

Designing your life isn’t about a major overhaul; it’s about simply revitalizing and loving it! By showing you simple healthy design elements and guiding you, I inspire you to take action with simple steps so you can design a healthy life you adore so you can live your best and healthiest life! It’s YOUR HEALTH BY DESIGN®” says Barbara.

Barbara received an Excellence in Journalism Award from ACEP–Awarded work was “Ins and Outs of the ER,” a comprehensive educational piece about what to expect in the emergency department and the challenges of crowding and waiting. Other winners of the American College of Emergency Physicians awards include ABC News and the Fox News Channel. She was invited by Microsoft to judge a series of Innovative Technology Entries for The Imagine Cup 2012. She was a participant team member for TEDMED’s 20 Great Challenges, Improving Medical Communication

Stuart A. Linder, M.D. FACS, Beverly Hills Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, says “Barbara Ficarra’s wealth of knowledge in personal health combined with a mastery of interior design and unique decorum make her a trailblazer, leader, and the ultimate Health Designer™. This website encompasses the tools necessary to streamline one’s healthy new lifestyle with small but impactful home modifications. Guidance to a state of emotional balance and a stress-free living space is eloquently displayed in simple but well-designed concepts. Ficarra has shown the ability to modify one’s sensory perception through small alterations, thus leading to optimal health, inter-personal relationships, and self-confidence. The symbiotic relationships can be enhanced by art, diet, fitness, living design, and health.”

Barbara is a leader in the health care industry and has dedicated her work to many areas. She is a contributor to The Huffington Post, and other sites, an advisory board member at, advisory board member for Health Informatics for the University of San Francisco School of Nursing and Health Professions, founder of, and creator, and executive producer and host of the former award-winning Health in 30® Radio Show. Barbara is also an Award-winning broadcast journalist, health educator, mentor, writer, and international speaker.


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Thank you Stuart A. Linder, M.D., FACS, my friend and colleague from Sharecare – Advisory Board