5 Ways to Design a Happy & Healthy Home Right Now

5 Ways to Design a Happy and Healthy Home Interior Designer Christopher Burns, Health Designer Barbara Ficarra for BarbaraFicarra.com

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Bring wellness into your home and create harmony and balance. Design a happy and healthy home right now. There are simple decor tricks that you can do right now to to make your home happier and healthier. Your home is a reflection of you. It’s your foundation and it’s your oasis. Wether it’s large or small, there are simple tweaks that can do to make your home happier and healthier.

Design a Happy & Healthy Home 



Create a Designated Happy Space

It’s essential that we dedicate a space in our home to relax, find peace and calm. A place where you can go to focus on you. A place to practice self-care. A nook is the perfect space to read, write, meditate, or to get crafty. Perhaps you want to start painting, or complete a puzzle. If you prefer, your self-care can include others. How about a game of chess in your little nook. A nook is a wonderful place to sit and think, a place to rediscover yourself, a place to foster your well-being.

Find a corner space in your home, or any area you can carve out and create a cozy nook oasis. Make it your own. Add your own style and personality to your space. Maybe you have a comfy chair or a meditation pillow you like to include. Perhaps you have a small table and chair that you can do your projects on. If you like, include books, plants and flowers to boost your happiness dial. Maybe adding a burst of a cheerful color like the color yellow—will ignite a little joy. Or perhaps adding a bold jewel tone color will enhance your mood. Whatever soothes you or fuels your inspiration—go with it. Enjoy your little happy space at home.




Create a self-care haven in your bathroom

Your bathroom is a perfect spot to escape to refresh, renew and recharge. It’s a haven to practice a little self-care. Close the door, put some soothing music on, and fill your bathtub. You can choose whether you want to soak quietly and listen to soothing music or perhaps you have a bathtub caddy that holds your favorite book and a glass of wine or a soothing cup of tea. Choose what feels right for you. The point is to take time for yourself.

Perhaps a soothing face mask or an at-home facial is in order. How do you practice self-care in your bathroom?



Shine bright with light

Brighten your mood with natural lighting. Let the natural light shine in.

Having a space infused with natural light—not only brightens a room, it can brighten a mood, improve learning and help you sleep better because light influences the circadian system.” In addition, compliment your design with beautiful lighting. From ambient to accent to task lighting—shine bright with light.

Also, try using mirrors in your room to bounce the natural light from the windows. There are so many beautiful options. Choose what you love.


5 Ways to Design a Happy and Healthy Home Barbara Ficarra Health Designer BarbaraFicarra.com

5 Ways to Design a Happy and Healthy Home

Bring the outdoors in

Infuse your living space with nature. Plants can help decrease stress; which is noted in this study and plants can help improve air quality.

Specific plants can help remove indoor air toxins. For example, the spider plant, aloe vera, peace lily, mother-in-laws tongue (snake plant), and golden pathos are some examples. It appears from the research that interacting with nature can offer positive effects on health and well-being.

Flowers also can also boost your mood and bring you joy. Research shows that flowers elicit positive emotions. A study from the Department of Psychology at Rutgers – (PDF) The State University of New Jersey shows that flowers elicit positive emotions.”

Also, some flowers can help improve the air quality in your home. For example, the Gerber Daisy(Gerbera jamesonii) can make your home a little healthier by helping to remove toxins.



Power of color

Don’t be afraid to add a punch of color to your space. Even if you love a monochromatic look or the ever popular all-white look—you can still add a pop-of-color in subtle ways. Perhaps, place a few books strategically on your coffee table or include colorful artwork. Try giving your neutral room a boost with a beautiful chair in a bold color.

Not sure what colors to choose? Blue and yellow are two simple and stunning colors to include in your home design. 

The color blue can spark happiness, ignite energy or bring a sense of calmness to the space.

The color yellow is an energizing color and spirited color that evokes optimism.

In conclusion, bring wellness into your home. These everyday healthy design tips are so easy to incorporate into your home. Design your own happy and healthy home right now.

And, looking for a few ideas for self-care? Take a look here and here.

Healthy Design Action: Bring wellness into your home and create harmony and balance. Design a happy and healthy home right now.

Healthy Design Elements: Harmony & Balance | Color | Nature | Light

Checklist: 5 Ways to Design a Happy and Healthy Home:

______ Create a designated happy space

______ Create a self-care haven in your bathroom

______Shine bright with light

______Bring the outdoors in

______Power of color

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