Intersection of Health + Design Can Help You Live Better Now


Intersection of Health + Design Can Help You Live Better

Barbara Ficarra, RN, BSN, MPA | Health Designer™ |

The intersection of health + design can help you live better now because the fusion can create harmony and balance. Designing a beautiful living space with purpose and passion can be aesthetically pleasing. However, designing a beautiful living space with healthy design elements, can help you live healthier and better. A well-designed beautiful healthy space can evoke joy. It may improve your well-being and help you live better because health is at the center of design.

There has never been a better time to focus on healthy living spaces. Having a beautiful living space is one thing, but — having a beautiful living space that incorporates healthy design, is another.

When thinking about designing your living space in healthy ways — think about nature, color, air and light. 

Healthy Design

Intersection of Health + Design

Nature — Bring the outdoors in

Bring nature indoors. Infusing your living space with nature is not only beautiful, but research shows that nature can help decrease stress. Furthermore, there are specific plants that can help improve air quality. 

Color — Elevate your home and life with color

What’s your favorite color? Take a look at your living space — do you see that color? If not, incorporate it into your space. Do you want to go big and bold, or small and subtle. Color can boost your mood, create calm, and infuse energy. Color is a powerful healthy design element. For example, the color yellow is an energizing and spirited color that evokes optimism.

Air & Flow

A cluttered living space can impact your productivity and impede your well-being. Your living space needs air and a flow. A cramped and cluttered space isn’t recommended. Also, your furniture placement can help create a positive flow. Additionally, open your windows to let the fresh air in. It’s natural ventilation, and can help decrease indoor air pollutants. And, don’t forget to keep your oven exhaust fan on when you’re cooking to help minimize pollutants and dust.

Light — Let the light shine in

Having natural light infuse your living space can make a huge difference. Having a space infused with natural light—not only brightens a room, it can brighten a mood, improve learning and help you sleep better because light influences the circadian system.” Find some more lighting tips here.

These are only some healthy design elements. As a health designer™, I intersect health + design and will empower and inspire you to design your own healthy home and living spaces. In addition, I help you live everyday well. I help you design your home + life with healthy style, passion and purpose.

Design your healthy home + life with passion & purpose.

In conclusion, to create harmony and balance in a home, it’s important to incorporate healthy design elements. The fusion of health and design can help you live better because health and wellness is at the center of design. 

Health Designer™ | Intersection of Health + Design

As a health designer™, I’ve combined my love of science, health and design. I’m multifaceted in my career. I’m a registered nurse (the most trusted professional), actively working in a health system. I’m a speaker, writer, academic author, on-air professional. I’m on the advisory board for Sharecare Inc., and the University of San Francisco. I love taking my knowledge and expertise in the health sector and incorporating it with design. I’m a health professional and design enthusiast based in New York. I also partnered with an interior designer. 

If you like to learn more, contact me. For more healthy design tips, sign up for my free updates (scroll to the end) and follow me on Insta, Facebook, PinterestTwitter, and LinkedIn.

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