Intersection of Design and Health: Designers Team Up to Bring Wellness Into the Home

Two creative designers, Christopher Burns, INTERIOR DESIGNER, and Barbara Ficarra, HEALTH DESIGNER team up to bring wellness into the home.

Intersection of Design and Health

Barbara Ficarra, registered nurse and HEALTH DESIGNER™ has made wellness her career by designing methods for wholesome living and empowering people to design their own healthy lifestyles.

Barbara has joined forces with Christopher Burns, a sought-after New York City Interior Designer to integrate design and wellness into homes. Christopher has been transforming spaces for over 15 years, working with his clients to design and customize their dream homes. Together, they will bring eco-friendly and healthy design to homes.

Their mission is to create stylish, beautiful and healthy homes, with eco-friendly design, to help improve well-being. 

Christopher and Barbara believe that a well-designed home goes beyond the aesthetics. With artful and scientific approaches, they use their strengths to create a haven for health and well-being. Whether designing a new home from the ground up or updating one special room in the house, Christopher and Barbara consult with each client to determine individual needs and goals.

They also believe in creating beautiful living spaces that intimately reflect those who live there, while emphasizing the vital understanding of all the elements chosen for the home and their impact on everyday life.

The design process can be as easy as helping to choose products and materials that are naturally sourced to reduce chemicals and toxins in the home, or the scope of the can require a more extensive focus such as redesigning a kitchen to create a “well” kitchen.

They make the process smooth and effortless for their clients regardless of the scale of the individual projects.

By implementing thoughtful design choices, this dynamic team combine their areas of expertise to create beautiful and inviting homes that promote a healthier way of living.

Let Barbara and Christopher help you design a home that brings you joy – a home with eco-friendly design and a beautiful living space to help nourish the soul. Barbara and Christopher create a haven filled with beautiful and healthy design.

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